Thursday, August 2, 2012

running man twenty twelve style

As I posted last year Blaine has really gotten in to running.  He had the opportunity to do a half marathon this month with our friends and talked his sister Rachel into doing it as well.  Sounded crazy to me, especially in the middle of July with all the high temperatures we've been having.  But Blaine got up before he went to work (so that his training wouldn't take away from family time) almost every day and trained for his half marathon.  Again an inspiration.  In no way shape or form am I that dedicated to anything!!!

The race was in Denver near his work and by the time Kash and I got there to cheer dad across the finish line it was about 80 degrees.  I felt pretty bad for Blaine running in that heat, I was dying just on the sidelines.  When we saw him coming down the home stretch he looked more tired than I've ever seen him, reasonably so.

As soon as we got home his stomach started to hurt really bad and actually our other friend's stomachs were in pretty bad shape too.  So not only did he have to run in the ridiculous temperatures but we are pretty sure that the water they were handing out at the race was contaminated and some of the runners got what seemed to be like food poisoning.  Not super fun after just running 13 miles.  I got pretty worried for him because he couldn't even keep water down. But by the end of the day everyone's stomachs had recovered enough that they could eat.

Blaine was pretty disappointed with his time, but I think he did awesome for his first marathon in the heat and the fact that he took a wrong turn...I just have to laugh at that because Blaine sometimes gets lost leaving our neighborhood!  But to his credit the other racers did say the course was pretty confusing.

Kash and I were so proud of him.  Kash thought it was really cool to see dad RACE, he's obsessed with any kind of racing these days (thank you Lightning McQueen), and cross the FINISH line.  The whole way to the race he was in the back seat practicing his "GO DAD GO" cheer.  Blaine really is his hero!

Since Blaine was a little disappointed with his performance he's already signed up to do another half marathon this September.  The date is right around the time I'm due but hopefully this baby will come a little early and Blaine can still participate in this race.



centauri said...

Congratulations and good job Blaine. I'm also not a runner. My two son-in-laws are runners. Conan did a full marathon this summer.I admire runners. Takes lots of dedication and work. Proud of you Blaine.

Amy said...

Congrats to Blaine! Love Kash's sign! My nephew is obsessed with Lightning & Mater, too! :)

PS I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award:

SassAFrass said...

Blaine is so hardcore. Maybe he can teach me to be that too!