Monday, September 3, 2012

baby N's nursery

The nursery is finally "complete" with 3 days to spare! With everything in this room being DIY it felt like I was never going to get it done, but it's about as done as it will be before the baby comes.  There are still a few things here and there I want to add and make but I'm exhausted, so this is as good as it gets!

With this nursery I wanted more of an eclectic, rustic, modern feel.  Unfortunately, the whole eclectic style isn't my strength and my instincts tend to gravitate towards more this room is a little more "matchy-matchy", a little more orange and blue than I'd like but overall I'm pretty pleased.  Not exactly what I envisioned but most of my projects rarely are.

Initial Board: made from fence posts that I stained, N is from Michael's painted white
Crib bedding: handmade by me-fabric from
Dresser: 2 IKEA RAST dressers stained, painted and added new hardware
Rocker: garage sale find and I recovered cushions with gray fabric from Joann's
Awesome Chevron Quilt: handmade by my mother-in-law (it's one of my favorite pieces in the room!)
Rug: Urban Outfitters, this was the inspiration for the whole room
Roman Shades: Lowes

Deer Head: Amazon, then painted white & orange (Blaine hates him, but I LOVE him...even if the trend is so last year)
I Am A Child of God Print: inspired by here but I created my own because I can do that for free :)
Arrow Print: created by me
Orange Geometric Print: actually just scrap fabric
Alphabet Print: created by me
Fox Canvas Painting: His Darlin Wife Etsy Shop (custom made just for our little babe!!!)
3 Window Picture Frame: IKEA...soon to be filled with newborn pictures
Clock: Target...had plans to refinish but that's on the "after-baby-comes-to-do-list"
Mobiles: made from embroidery hoops that I stained and strips of card stock sewn together
Ceramic Feathers: Target, I painted them white
Owl: made by my mother-in-law to match the quilt
Lamp: Target (not exactly the right blue but my DIY on this one failed!)
I know this post is already long enough but I wanted to highlight two of my favorite items in the room.  First being the amazing chevron quilt my mother-in-law made.  I bought the fabric and gave her some ideas of what I would like but really didn't give her too much direction.  But she ran with what I gave her and made this awesome quilt.  It means a lot to me to have something handmade by a family member in this nursery!  Thank you so much Marilyn, you are the best sewer I know!!!

And then there's this adorable little fox canvas my sweet friend Brooke made for me.  When she contacted me and asked me if she could make something for baby N's nursery I was so excited!!!!  We collaborated on what it should be and when she dropped this little guy at my house I couldn't believe how cute he was!  I think it's Kash's favorite part of the room too!  He always walks in and talks about how the fox has a bird on his tail ha ha.  Check out Brooke's etsy shop!


Brooke Magee said...

I LOVE THIS POST Erica! & I Love his nursery oh SO much! And thanks for giving me a shout out ;) If you need any other future paintings let me know. Your paintings will always be free! Question: How do you do your picture collages with the cute graphics? I love those too! Btw I would love to paint a painting for Kash :)

Brooke Magee said...

...And sorry I said 'love' so many times! Haha

britt said...

So so cute Erica I love it! He's one lucky baby boy!

SassAFrass said...

I love everything about this room! it turned out so good. I really dig the N on the pallets!

Knudson's said...

You have such good taste and style!! I never could come up with such an awesome room, seriously you have a gift!!! So cute and your little man is lucky to have such an awesome mama.

Amy said...

What a great nursery! Love the blues & oranges! That monogrammed sign is awesome! Yes, I have the same question. How did you do the pics on the gallery wall?

erica said...

Thanks everyone! I had fun creating this room for our new little boy! I create the collages in Illustrator, but I know you can do them in Photoshop, Picasa or even Powerpoint. Hopefully that helps!

Brit said...

This is a beautiful nursery. Great work.

I wish I could point you to a link to get a similar blessing outfit like my son's, but it was bought years ago at Baby Gap and I'm not sure where you could find a similar one. Good luck and congratulations on your new little one!

Brooke said...

WOW. You are amazing! I love everything in this room. You are so creative! Hope everything went well this week and can't wait to see pics of your new little one!

Kathleen said...

I love your idea with the wood fence boards and the giant letter! Can you give me any steps or advice on how to make it? How did you attach the fence boards together and then how did you hang it onto the walls?

Any help would be great!

erica said...

Thanks Kathleen! I created the "N" palat using fence posts from Lowes. I stained them and cut them to the lengths I wanted. I connected them all by nailing each post to a horizontal post on the back. I then nailed two nails in the back and tied wire onto the nails so I could hang it on the wall. It's pretty heavy so I used a "Hercules Hook" to make sure it would stay on the wall. Let me know if this answers your question!

Carissa Rasmussen said...

just found your cute nursery on pinterest and i loove it so much! i'm currently designing a navy/gray/orange nursery too and love your design. super cute blog. definitely going to be following!

Anonymous said...

Love this nursery! I really like what you did with the dresser. Can you provide any more details on this diy project?

Jennifer said...

Love this nursery! I really like what you did with the dresser. Can you provide any more details on this diy project?

Jessica Albert said...

Hi! I am trying to recreate the N art you hung above your son's sweet nursery. Can you please let me know what stain you used and what the dimensions are? Was it easy? Any other assistance you can give would be most appreciated! Thank you!!

erica said...

Hi Jessica! I would say the "N" was moderately difficult, but that could be because I was pregnant at the time I made it ha. I went to the hardware store and bought a few fence posts. I cut them to about 4 feet and stagared them and then used two posts for the back to nail in the front posts. I'd say the total dimensions are 3'x 4'. For the stain I actually put a piece of steel wool in vinegar and let it soak overnight. This created the exact rustic color I was looking for. The sign is very heavy so I used a "Hercules Hook" to hang it. Best of luck to you, let me know if you have any other questions.

Lexie said...

I LOVE this nursery. I'm pregnant with boy number 3 and this is the color scheme I was wanting. Do you know the fabric you used for the bumper?

Jony said...

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