Thursday, December 20, 2012

family skate night

One night while Blaine was busy I bundled up the boys and thought Kash would get a kick out of watching people ice skate at our outdoor mall's ice rink.  I don't know what on Earth made me think Kash would be content just watching people skate and not have any desire to try this for himself, I'll blame it on sleep deprivation.  Yeah my perfect outing blew up in my face when Kash was screaming at the ice rink begging to go skating.  Idiot mom.

A little hot chocolate and a promise that we would come back with dad finally got the tears to stop.  Phew.

So the next week we all went as a family to ice skate, and wasn't it a sight.  It took Kash and I about 5 minutes to even get on the ice, the worker man had to come help us.  But once we got on the ice we did okay.  The same nice worker man also said we could bring Nixon's stroller onto the ice.  This actually turned out to be awesome and allowed me to zoom around the rink giving people the false impression I was a semi decent skater.  And I was glad I didn't attempt to skate without Blaine there because it turned out to be quite the leg workout to push Kash around and keep him from falling. It was definitely a two man job to keep that kid upright. 

It was a fun night and I'm glad we live somewhere that has so many fun activities for us to constantly do.  Kash was a little disappointed that he wasn't a better skater, aren't we all, but he still had fun. 

action shot

See, Nix was there! 

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SassAFrass said...

Watched the video with Ascher man during our breakfast and he danced and bobbed his head a long to the music! Looks like a fun family outting!