Wednesday, February 27, 2013

baseball themed party


Six months leading up to Kash's birthday he started talking about his party, the friends and family he wanted there and the theme...I was surprised he even got the concept of a birthday party.  Every time I asked him what kind of party he wanted he said baseball, baseball, baseball.  I was willing to do any party he wanted but was more than happy to do a baseball party because I knew it would be easy.  And it was, I think this was the easiest party I've decorated.  Now, having it be a friend party and eight little 2-3 year olds in my house was another story!!!

Here are the invitations:

One of Kash's favorite parts of having a baseball party was getting to dress up like a baseball player and take the pictures for his invitations!!!

Here's the treat table and really the extent of the decorations. I had big plans to decorate other areas of the house but with a 4 month old and a 3 year old to tend to every waking minute of the day I was proud that I just got this table done!

I had a lot of people have ask how I created the score board.  I first designed it in Illustrator and then made it into three separate pictures and printed the three pictures at Office Max using their engineer prints.  To print all three I think it was less than $10. Then I just rounded out the top of the middle one and cut a little off of the top of the side prints to give it more of a vintage ballpark feel and taped them all together.

As the boys, and one girl, started to arrive Kash grew more excited with every guest.  He loved that it was his party and his friends and family were there for him. 
We started the party off with a little pitching game.  Which turned into let's all just run around and act crazy haha. Followed by baseball pinata, (that was impossible for 3 year olds to break.  Luckily big cousin Kitt came to the rescue on that one), the messiest hot dog lunch you ever did see, some bouncy castle time, presents and finally cake and ice cream.

sitting by his BFF of course
Nixon actually letting the grandmas hold him!!!

Kash was slowly backed into the corner of the room as his anxious friends "helped" him to open the presents. haha

These were the party favors filled with baseball crayons, baseball bouncy balls and other treats and goodies that I can't remember now!  

Team Turnbow...our attempt to get a family picture. 
Kash had a great time at his party!!!  He loved the baseball theme, he LOVED that everyone came to see HIM, he loved the games and the free access to the Redvines and he loved all of the presents.  I think it was everything his little 3 year old heart had hoped for!  It was really fun to plan and have all his little friends over and of course our close family.  And as always I couldn't have done it without my mom flying in and helping organize the last minute party planning...she's awesome!!!

And without further adieu, here's Kash's 3 year old video.  Set to the music of Michael Jackson's Bad because that was his favorite song this past year.

Happy Birthday Kash!!!

Kash's 3rd Year from Erica Turnbow on Vimeo.


Marques said...

Wait, Kash likes baseball AND old school Michael Jackson? Damn, that is one smart kid you have there.

Nicole said...

how can I get the score board sign?? Having trouble finding a way to contact you other then comment section?

erica said...

Hi Nicole,

You can email me at

Adriana said...

Love the invitation!!! Where did you purchase it??

erica said...

Hi Adriana!

I made the invitation. Let me know if you are interested in purchasing one. You can email me at


Anonymous said...

Hi! I would love info on purchasing the backdrop printout.


Mary Mckenzie said...

Would also like info on the score board print out. Please email me at

Taysha said...

Great DIYs. Is the invite still available for purchase.

Thanks Taysha