Saturday, July 13, 2013

Eggs is Freakin Awesome! Happy Birthday!

This is my inaugural post, so I apologize in advance because I have no idea what I'm doing!! (I didn't even know how to do a new post...I had to wait for Eggs to leave for a minute and luckily she left herself signed-on ha!)

I have loved Eggs for a long time (if you didn't already know, Eggs is Erica's nickname) but each year that goes by I realize I love her even more and for so many different reasons.  She still makes me laugh all the time (although I would laugh a whole lot more if she still had her Chicago-accent) and she's as beautiful as ever (I definitely married way over my pay-grade) but as we have started a family together I realize there are so many other attributes she has that I've grown to love deeply.

I always knew that Eggs would be a great mom, but I guess I didn't realize how great until she WAS a mom. I used to think I was good under pressure...I guess I had never experienced the pressure of changing a diaper and having both pee and poo fired at you at the same time.  I crumbled...luckily Eggs was there to save the day.  I didn't really know how to handle the first time Kash threw up in the middle of the night either...I totally froze and Eggs saves the day again.  I didn't really know how to deal with the bumps and scrapes that are inevitable with children, but Eggs always swoops in to kiss ouchies and wipe away tears.  I would be train-wreck as a single parent, but Eggs has taught me so much about what being a dad is.  Thanks for being my teammate Eggso, I couldn't do it without you!

Not only is Eggs a great mom, but she's also an amazing wife.  I'm usually involved in some sort of extracurricular activity: golf, running, softball or basketball.  Eggs always makes time to come and support me and cheer me on.  I always feel so blessed to have my family there rooting me on...they always make me feel like I'm famous, it's awesome!  I usually don't get home from work until 6:30 or 7:00 and she always has dinner ready for me (Eggs is an terrific cook) when I walk in the door.  She's had to sacrifice a lot the last few years as we've started a new business but she has never complained and always supports me.

Eggs always tells me I'm not good at vocalizing my emotions/feelings, so here goes nothing!  I love ya Eggs, thanks for putting up with me and thanks for being the best wife/mother a guy could ask for.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


erica said...

Oh my goodness! Best birthday present ever, I never in a million years imagined you expressing your feelings publicly like this, Blaine! thank you so much! I LOVE YOU!!!

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